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A project of KALKATTAK cologne 2011
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Real-Time-Democracy is a open project to analyze the meaning of democracy. It was initalized through the group KALKATTAK from Cologne in 2011.

What do you think is democracy?

In many countries things get chaotic and the call for democracy is growing louder. Uprisings and revolutions arise from nothing, without spiritual leaders , only fed by new media and social networks. For some they are a curse, for others a blessing.

How will these developments affect Western democracies?
Will we still need politicians in the future to represent the will of the people or will there be more and more direct democratic decisions?

  In our performance at the "Live Performers Meeting" in Rom, we want to show what (democracy) can be and what can be done. The internet allows everybody to take part in the "Real-time Democracy"- project, regardless of his/her origin, religion, sex or age, anywhere in the world.

"Democracy for everybody"

should be the motto of the show: no censorship, no complicated technological obstacles, no selection criteria.

Whoever wants to take part in our project can upload their statements on democracy to this server / account. Statements can be made in the form of videos and / or sound recordings.

By mixing the collected statements with material we prepared in advance
we want to create a collage of images and opinions in relation to democracy worldwide - in real-time.

Can the "vox populi" make the abstract term "democracy" more tangible?

In addition to that we want to keep collecting statements locally during the LPM 2011. We plan to incorporate this material into the show more or less spontaneously, without complicated selection. The audience should also have the possibility to gain direct influence on the show, e.g. by voting on the material which is shown or taking part in interactive online polls.

Can the "vox populi" make the abstract term "democracy" more tangible?
What can everybody do to change their world?
KALKATTAK is a team of two video artists based in Cologne, Germany. For this project, they work with Mik@